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Discography - James Kamal Jones


James Kamal Jones, Short Stories In a Life, Sabir Music BMI, 2004

New England Teen Challenge Ministries, Jesus Saved Me, 2002

Yusef Lateef, Tribute Concert for Yusef Lateef, YAL Records, 2002

New England Teen Challenge Ministries, Oh Holy Night, 2001

New England Teen Challenge Ministries, All Over the World, 2001

Yusef Lateef, So Peace, YAL Records, 2001

2001 Magic Triagle Concert with Yusef Lateef and Von Freeman

Exodus Rhythm, External Roots, 2000

Yusef Lateef, A Gift, YAL Records, 1998

Yusef Lateef, 9 Bagatelles, YAL Records, 1998

New England Teen Challenge Ministries, I Can Begin Again, 1994

Yusef Lateef, Tenors, featuring Ricky Ford, YAL Records, 1994

Yusef Lateef, Claiming Open Spaces, YAL Records, 1994

Mark Puriceli, Melting Point, Music Masters, Inc, 1994

Yusef Lateef, Metamorphosis, YAL Records, 1993

Yusef Lateef, Tenors, featuring Rene McLean, YAL Records, 1993

Sybille Pomerin / Terry Jenoure, Augeries of Speed, ICM Records, 1992

Terry Jenoure, Give You This, Minor Music, produced by Jones and Jenoure, 1987

Ornette Coleman, Live at the Caravan of Dreams, 1986

Leroy Jenkins, Urban Blues, Black Saint Records, 1985

Frank Hatchet, Bubbling Brown Sugar, 1983



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